Bsides Peoria is an open space, where everyone participating should feel free to share their ideas, stories, and any other passion they pursue. With that said, privacy is a big concern in the hacker community, as well as with the public at large, and we need to establish a clear set of boundaries when it comes to balancing privacy and capturing moments.

Using your best effort and judgement, please try to ensure you have permission from anyone you photograph or record. This includes, but is not limited to, anyone in the background of your shot. For the record, “crowd shots” from the front (facing the crowd) are strongly discouraged.

If you’ve taken a picture without permission, delete it. If you’re asked by a participant to delete or blur a picture they did not give you permission to take, and you are on BSides Peoria property, do so immediately.

We require press photographers to adhere to this policy as well. A press badge is not a pass to break these rules and guidelines.

Any infraction seen by or reported to BSides Peoria staff may include immediate ban from the event.

There may be official BSides Peoria Photographers. They will have professional cameras and staff badges. They are aware of this policy and are not exempt, except in cases where they have been requested to document activities, official parties, or presentations for BSides Peoria purposes.

If you believe that anyone is breaking these rules please bring it to the attention of a BSides Peoria staff member.

Some policies graciously borrowed from BSidesLV and adapted for BSides Peoria